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Su escuela: La Petite Academy de Merritt Island, FL

La Petite Academy de Merritt Island

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Abierto: L-V, 6:30 a. m.- 6:30 p. m.
Edades: 6 semanas - 12 años
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Bienvenido a nuestra escuela

¡Bienvenido a nuestro centro La Petite Academy en Merritt Island, FL! Mi nombre es Kelly y soy la directora de la academia. ¡Somos mucho más que una guardería! Gracias a nuestro exclusivo plan de estudios, tengo la certeza de que ofrecemos los mejores programas de cuidado de bebés, preescolar y otros programas específicos según la edad de la comunidad. Nuestro plan de estudios se basa en la evaluación para todas las edades, y nuestros maestros están entrenados para implementar las lecciones en forma efectiva y evaluar el desarrollo de sus alumnos cada día.

Todos los empleados tienen certificaciones en primeros auxilios, RCP y seguridad contra incendios. Realizan capacitaciones todo el año para mantenerse actualizados en el campo de la enseñanza en la primera infancia.

Nos comprometemos a brindar cuidado de calidad que su familia espera y merece al mismo tiempo que garantizamos una escuela segura para todos los niños. Nuestra instalación tiene una puerta de entrada asegurada que requiere un código de ingreso.

¡Llámenos hoy mismo para programar una visita a nuestro La Petite Academy en Merritt Island, FL!

A continuación lo que la gente tiene para decir

4.9 de 5 estrellas
This school is great! I've only had positive experiences here. My daughter loves Ms. Roriale and is so excited to see her everyday. I'm always updated on what's going on.
The people really care. They love our children in their own way and it shows. Our children love them. You know it's ok when your child reaches for their teacher at drop off. I trust their hearts and minds are in the right place, they're consistent. Also, the fact that I do not have to provide food or diapers or wipes is huge too. My mornings are busy enough without packing the house. For my
oldest the field trips are awesome and no additional charge so that's big.
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This is a wonderful school, with wonderful caring and loving teachers that are capable to implement structure, discipline and a high level of education while playing and having fun at the same time. The director as well as class teachers are always available to answer any questions or discuss any concerns or just share a story regarding child's day in general or achievement or….mishap….. I love the
school atmosphere and friendly stuff. Love getting updates and pics during the day. It makes me happy to hear when my son says that he had fun and he had a good day…Very important to me is that when he misbehaves and is corrected, teachers make sure that he has an understanding of the situation, which might be challenging sometimes while talking to 2 year old. Thank you to all at LaPetite for being there for our little ones!
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It is our second year at La Petite Academy and my son absolutely loves it! I have a hard time to get him out of there in the afternoon. He is very enthusiastic about everything that he learns during the day in classroom and the fun he has during the outdoor play. He truly loves his teachers and classmates (it is so nice to see that). From the very beginning, I experienced great communication from all
of teachers who.... never rush (have no idea how they do that) and patiently answer all my questions on the daily bases. They keep in touch throughout the day, giving frequent updates and sharing pictures from the class rooms and playground (again, I have no idea how they do that). My son often mentions what the teacher said to him during the day, usually if he did something good or if he misbehaved... which is great, it proves the fact, that the teachers pay attention to the kid's individual needs and have high expectations from them, teaching them how to be a good, responsible, respectful and loving person. Of course every child has its moments but my son expresses so much respect, empathy, love and care, that it is hard to believe he is a 2 year old boy and I know, that he learned that not only at home but mostly (8-9 hours a day) at his school…. from the people that surround him and truly care about his feelings, addressing every issue in the way that makes him feel safe and comfortable. So shortly, it has been a wonderful experiance and we are looking forward to a few more years at La Petite Academy. Keep up good work guys, you are amazing group of people and I am thankful for all the things you do to make our kids safe, healthy, smart and happy!!
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At first I was happy with how clean the school was and the atmosphere. Then I was really impressed with the staff, level of care and how happy my child was while there.
Absolutely love the infant teachers! They love all their students and care for them! It makes me so happy to know my baby is taken care of!
This school is absolutely perfect, my daughter has improved on so much being here, everyone is welcoming friendly and the curriculum is amazing. I have a great relationship with her teacher with the constant updates and everything. I love the security here, I feel my daughter is very protected. I love the app with the constant updates. This school is a 10/10
I have had a great experience! I know my child is well cared for and the staff is always so nice! I'm always greeted when I walk through the door.
Love the school and staff. All the teachers say goodbye to our son as we pass through the classrooms. Best decision we made enrolling our son here. Look forward to our newest addition starting in the fall.
This is an amazing place. Teachers are well educated, motivated and very informative. They are loving, caring, helpful but at the same time they have high expectations and are respected by the kids and parent. It is nice that not just one teacher knows your child but it seems like all of them interacted with him or her in one way or another. My son loves to come to his Day Care and the progress he
is making is unbelievable. His social skills and vocabulary are exceptional...the general ability to communicate with him is improving daily. I know that attending the Day Care and especially a Day Care that is committed to the education and social skill building is a big part of his progress....thank you to all for creating such a great place for our Kids!!
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Nuestros programas

Conozca sobre los programas opcionales

Por una tarifa adicional, vaya más allá de las experiencias de aprendizaje en el aula con nuestra serie mejorada de programas de enriquecimiento divertidos e interactivos que exploran una variedad de actividades. Ofrecemos:

fútbol, música, yoga, español, lectura y escritura

¡Orgullosos de tener la acreditación!

Hemos sido reconocidos como un programa de educación temprana de alta calidad.

Conozca nuestro personal

Kelly Aleknavich, directora

Educación: Licenciatura en enseñanza en la primera infancia

Certificaciones: Credencial de directora, credencial de personal, DCF 45 horas, RCP y primeros auxilios

Mi pasión por cuidar a niños jóvenes comenzó a temprana edad y evolucionó hacia un deseo por educar e inculcar el amor por el aprendizaje en todos los niños. Comencé mi carrera en 2005 como maestra y me uní a La Petite Academy en 2009.

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Britny Buckworth, directora asistente

Educación: A.A. en Enseñanza en la primera infancia

Certificaciones: Credencial de personal, DCF 45 horas, RCP y primeros auxilios

Ingresé al campo de la educación en 2015 cuando comencé a trabajar en La Petite Academy. Mi carrera comenzó como maestra donde pude alcanzar mi objetivo de crear un amor permanente por el aprendizaje en cada niño bajo mi cuidado.

Conozca nuestro personal

Mariah Hallard, Líder de equipo

Educación: Asociada en desarrollo infantil en curso

Certificaciones: DCF 45 horas, primeros auxilios y RCP

Siempre me apasionó la educación. Me encanta observar el desarrollo y el crecimiento de los niños cada día. En mi tiempo libre, me encanta el arte y la artesanía y compartir eso con los niños que cuido.

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