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our-teacherA strong early education is built on talented teachers. That's why the dedicated teachers of La Petite Academy are highly trained, very motivated, and extraordinarily responsible professionals.

The reason we have such a capable staff of instructors, is because we have such a thorough selection process. Our customized, validated pre-hiring assessment allows us to find the most well trained teachers and care staff. To our knowledge, no competitors use anything similar to this unique hiring tool.

We vet our staff thoroughly. To do this, we check every reference, conduct background checks based on state and/or local licensing requirements, including fingerprinting, criminal checks, and through the verification of educational credentials. For candidates who transport children, they undergo an extensive driving history check, followed by subsequent annual checks after that.

Esto lo hacemos para proteger la pieza más importante de nuestra escuela: su niño.

After being hired, our teachers undergo comprehensive training that gives them a full understanding of our curriculum and our learning standards. Beyond that, they receive insight on child care and our approach to child development. Here, they are immersed in our STEM-inspired curriculum, which integrates science, technology, engineering, and math into every part of the educational experiences, ensuring that our teachers can guide your child as they exceed their milestones.

Ciclo de planificación intencional

El enfoque que aplicamos a la educación se fundamenta en el ciclo de planificación intencional. Este proceso aplica la observación y la evaluación para modelar la planificación de las clases del maestro.

Este plan de estudios personalizado, que se basa en la observación y la evaluación, garantizan que nuestros maestros:

  • Incluyen los intereses de los niños, al tiempo que satisfacen sus necesidades
  • Se enfocan en las habilidades en desarrollo
  • Elaboran una lección diseñada específicamente para los niños del aula en particular

Nuestros selectos educadores tienen la capacidad de personalizar las lecciones para cada estudiante, lo cual garantiza a su hijo la preparación necesaria para una vida de éxito.

Assessment Matters

Accurate assessments are crucial to a quality early childhood curriculum because it allows our dedicated teachers to target a child's exact needs. By observing and measuring a child's abilities as they work, learn, and play, teachers can identify strengths and learning opportunities.

The observe and assess methodology gives teachers a chance to best understand their class, academically, but also in other ways as well. As they observe the children's learning style, they also discover more about their personalities and interests.

La base de un excelente plan de estudios para la primera infancia es una evaluación adecuada. Para que las evaluaciones reflejen de modo fidedigno las aptitudes de los niños, se observa a los mismos mientras hacen sus actividades, aprenden y juegan. Estas evaluaciones basadas en la observación permiten a los maestros comprender en qué momento de su proceso educativo se encuentra cada niño. De este modo, las lecciones pueden ser elaboradas y orientadas con base en las necesidades exclusivas de cada niño.

Nuestro enfoque

Our educational approach is driven by STEM, because young children are natural-born engineers, scientists, and innovators.

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Science, technology, engineering, and math are the building blocks of our curriculum, because they’re fundamentally a part of the way young children interact with the world.

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