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Su escuela: La Petite Academy de Kent, WA

La Petite Academy de Kent

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Abierto: L-V, 6:00 a. m.- 6:00 p. m.
Edades: 12 meses - 12 años
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Ayuda para nuestra comunidad

Como siempre, estamos orgullosos de ayudar a nuestra comunidad. Learn more about our health and safety practices, including mask and staff vaccination policies. 

¿Sabía que podría ser elegible para recibir nuevos beneficios para el cuidado infantil? Obtenga detalles sobre el paquete de incentivos 2021 y cómo este puede beneficiar a las familias trabajadoras.


Bienvenido a nuestra escuela

Welcome to La Petite Academy an early education center in Kent, WA!

We offer care and education from one and walking to five years old! Our early education programs are designed specifically for the children enrolled in our classrooms. Aware, Care and Share is how we approach a child's learning journey. Be sure and ask us what this means when you tour our center! Les brindamos a los niños un ambiente seguro y saludable para el aprendizaje, un excelente plan de estudios y maestros afectuosos, y por eso cada niño puede tener un comienzo brillante.

Our center offers a before and after school care program for children enrolled in certain Kent elementary schools, as well as a summer camp program.

Safety Protocols are in place for the health and safety of our children, families, and employees. All parents, guardians and staff must wear a face covering. School-age children are to also wear masks while attending. Hand washing, cleaning and disinfecting is increased at specific times throughout the day to prioritize health and safety at our school.

We keep parents connected to their children's day!

We offer live streaming video as a way for parents to have a view into their child's classroom. Using the family communication app, we send pictures and videos to our parents, and have the option to message each other too.

Our teachers participate in training opportunities throughout the year, staying current on best practices and early educational tools.

Kent La Petite participates in Washington States Early Achievers program. Their goal is to improve the quality of early care and learning that is available to the children and families in our state. Currently we are rated at level 3. You can learn more about this program at

Reach out to us by phone or email so we can answer any of your questions and provide information about what makes us the best option for your early childhood education needs!

A continuación lo que la gente tiene para decir

4.9 de 5 estrellas
I love this place and my daughter does too
Super happy we are at this school!
Positive experience overall. Good communication both via phone, in-person, and with the app. Appreciate the videos and pictures sent throughout the day.
My favorite thing is how all of the staff gently communication with the children. The environment they have created for the children is outstanding! All of the staff only want the best emotional and educational growth for the children. My children love it and ask every day when they wake up "Can I go to school today"? Sometimes this happens on Saturdays and I have to explain school is closed Saturdays.
They love it and so do I!The staff at this location, especially the Director, has been extremely kind and helpful to my family and we truly appreciate all of their hard work and big hearts!
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Excellent! We are truly grateful for the good work and spirit of all staff members and teachers!
My son really thrives at LPA, he loves his teachers and staff genuinely. The center has given him a huge head start heading into kindergarten and now going into 1st grade I see how confident and excited he is in his learning abilities. Everyone at the center, especially his teachers, Ms. Martha, Ms. Wendie and Ms. Sarah are always friendly and professional. I trust LPA completely with my son!
The team is warm and friendly. My daughter has had great experiences there. I love the curriculum, the communication and the engagement that the teachers have with not only the students, but the parents as well. Don't change a thing.
We absolutely love La Petite Academy. Ms. Marnie has been such a wonderful teacher and our son looks forward to going to school every day. Everyone is so warm and kind- we feel really lucky to have found this school. Even though it is a bit of a hike from our house we wouldn't dream of changing schools. It's been so fun to see our son grow, change, and learn!
We have loved the school! The teachers are awesome and the communication has been so great. The teachers truly care for our child and it is so evident.
I've noticed la Petite has been around for quite some time now that should say enough about their reputation. My first hand experience with all of the teachers were very welcoming. Everyone is so kind, very involved as far always giving me updates about how my kids are doing. Even some of the teachers that are just in the class next to my kids, they always seem to greet me and tell me how well they
do once I leave if ever they are experiencing any anxiety about going to school! Glad to be apart of the family!
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Nuestros programas

Conozca sobre los programas opcionales

Por una tarifa adicional, vaya más allá de las experiencias de aprendizaje en el aula con nuestra serie mejorada de programas de enriquecimiento divertidos e interactivos que exploran una variedad de actividades. Ofrecemos:

Fútbol, música, yoga, español, fonética, escritura y matemática avanzada

Abra una ventana al día de su hijo.

Free live streaming video to your computer or mobile device.

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Conozca nuestro personal

Sara Thomson, directora

Educación: AA in Early Childhood Education through Rasmussen College

Certificaciones: Título de AA en enseñanza en la primera infancia

I have been working at La Petite Academy since January 2007. I've been in the Early Childhood Education field since 1999. I attend Rasmussen College with the goal of getting my AA in Early Childhood Education. My favorite part about my job is working with all of the families. It's amazing to be a part of their development, and watch them flourish with every milestone.

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Wendie Schell, Directora asistente

Educación: Licenciatura

Certificaciones: Credencial de asociada en desarrollo infantil a través del Consejo de Reconocimiento Profesional (Council for Professional Recognition)

Trabajo en La Petite Academy desde 1997. During this time, I have enjoyed being a teacher, promoting curriculum, and ensuring our children are succeeding in their pathway to school readiness and beyond. The kiddos are truly the best part of the job!

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Janae Robinson, Líder de equipo

Educación: Título de AA en enseñanza en la primera infancia

Certificaciones: AA degree

I have been with La Petite Academy for over 20 years and have dedicated my career to early childhood education.

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