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La Petite Academy de Bowie

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Abierto: L-V, 7:00 a. m.- 6:00 p. m.
Edades: 6 semanas - 12 años
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Now Enrolling for Preschool and Pre-K

The path to kindergarten, and future success, goes through Preschool and Pre-K. Cuanto antes comience este recorrido su hijo, mejor. Déjenos garantizarle su preparación escolar. 

Bienvenido a nuestra escuela

Welcome to La Petite Bowie, MD! I'm Daphne Anderson, Director at La Petite Bowie. My bachelor's degree is in education and I have over 40 years of experience in early childhood.

Here at La Petite Bowie, we provide programs ranging from Infant care through School-Ages up to 12 years old. We have a wonderful team of professionals with 50 plus years of experience combined.

Estamos comprometidos a mantenerlo conectado durante todo el día mientras su hijo está bajo nuestro cuidado. Obtenga acceso a transmisión de video en vivo del aula de su hijo, además de otras actualizaciones en tiempo real, con nuestra aplicación móvil exclusiva para familias, SproutAbout.

If you are looking for a caring, education-driven child care center, stop by La Petite Bowie today for a tour.

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4.8 de 5 estrellas
Overall, a solid daycare with good people.
Verified Shopper
The staff is so warm, friendly, and understanding. I love how everyone, including the directors, remember my child's name and personality traits. They have also been very helpful in supporting my son's physical and social development.
Verified Shopper
The school is a learning institute, highly accredited, and cares about the safety and education of the children.
Verified Shopper
My daughter loves going to school and knows all of the teachers by name and is excited to tell them what she is doing after school and on weekends. She has also made some great friends and has been exposed to a ton of different people and cultures. The education is great, seeing her start to learn from day 1 has been phenomenal.
Verified Shopper
The staff is very accommodating, genuine and caring. They will work with your child to get them through any situation.
Verified Shopper
Very positive experience. Provides a nurturing and caring atmosphere. Very pleased.
Verified Shopper
Overall great experience with school
Verified Shopper
i am very happy with la petite in bowie, md. my child is now 3, she has been there since one year old. it feels like a community among the parents and students. last year the parents came together to host a big halloween festival. my daughter shows advanced skills in numbers and letters well before kindergarten. Thanks La Petit!
Verified Shopper
We moved our child to La Petite about 3 months ago from a different daycare and are absolutely in love with it. His teachers are AMAZING. They are caring and patient and work with him on skills everyday. We are thrilled with Brightwheel and love getting updates throughout the day and being able to message his teachers. I cannot say enough good things about La Petite. The staff and director are incredible
people and I feel that they really know and understand my child. They do so many fun activities with the children everyday, and are above and beyond in every way. They are patient about some of the habits he has that might frustrate other caretakers (picky eating, trouble sharing, crying at drop off). I also love that sometimes the teachers speak Spanish to each other and the children in the classroom, I know that's great for his brain development. Eboni Robinson, his main teacher, is an absolutely rockstar. I can't emphasize how good she is with my son, and how much she goes above and beyond. He loves seeing her everyday. Della Olupona is another rockstar in his classroom. She knows so much about child development, and also always makes a point to ask me how my day was at pick up time. They're truly outstanding people and I feel very comfortable trusting them to care for my child everyday.
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Verified Shopper
Positive. The directors and teachers appear to sincerely adore the children. There is a low turn over with teachers and children which speaks to the happiness of all involved in my opinion.
Verified Shopper

Nuestros programas

Conozca sobre los programas opcionales

Por una tarifa adicional, vaya más allá de las experiencias de aprendizaje en el aula con nuestra serie mejorada de programas de enriquecimiento divertidos e interactivos que exploran una variedad de actividades. Ofrecemos:

Fútbol, música, yoga, español, fonética, escritura y matemática avanzada

Abra una ventana al día de su hijo.

SproutAbout®, our exclusive family app, provides free live streaming video of your child’s classroom to your mobile device.

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Conozca nuestro personal

Daphne Anderson, directora

Educación: licenciatura en Educación

My name is Daphne and I am the center director. I have been working in early childhood for over 36 years with 20 of those years as a teacher and over 16 years in management.

Conozca nuestro personal

Denise White, Directora asistente

Educación: Prince Georges Community Collage

Certificaciones: Early Childhood Education, CPR/First Aid, Emergencies Preparedness, Child Abuse, ADA, SIDS

I have been working at La Petite for more than 12 years. During this time I worked with the toddlers and twos, then as team lead and now as the assistant director. I have worked in child care for over 20 years. I love children!

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